24 May 2010



Results will be here

If you have photos - we want them for RADCOM - please upload and send a link to the organiser

20 May 2010

Entry List as of 20th May

Entry Given Family Call Club Country SI Chip Class ARDF Receiver
No. Name Name

Chip # Source Entered D1 D2 D3 Loan
1 Jillian Ullersperger M6JIL BKO GBR 345545 Own D35 Y Y Y No
2 David Williams M3WDD HOC GBR 264271 Own H40 Y Y - No
3 Bob Titterington G3ORY LEI GBR 260413 Own H60 Y - Y No
4 Robert Vickers G3ORI HOC MER 50138 Own H60 Y Y Y No
5 Michael Dunbar M6MDD SN GBR 264976 Own H40 - Y Y No
6 Bernd Höfner DL1AQ DARC GER 410477 Own H50 Y Y Y No
7 Sylke Höfner DG4AAN DARC GER 410486 Own D35 Y Y Y No
8 Wolf-Dietrich Barth DK7TD DARC GER 236383 Own H40 Y Y Y No
9 Anke Ebert DL9OCA DARC GER 236413 Own D35 Y Y Y No
10 Alexander Hergert - DARC GER 410487 Own H21 Y Y Y No
11 Norbert Linke - DARC GER 830320 Own H21 Y Y Y No
12 Steve Stone RS193217 TVOC GBR 246880 Own H50 Y Y Y No
13 Rod Mansel G6AWO SUFFOC GBR 363583 Own H50 Y Y Y No
14 David Heale G6HGE HH GBR 361526 Own H40 Y Y Y No
15 David Deane G3ZOI BKO GBR 361597 Own H60 Y Y Y No
16 John Little M1SHE
GBR 332000 Own H60 Y - Y No
17 Ken Jones M0AET
GBR 426543 Own H60 Y Y Y No
18 John Marriott 119861 LEI GBR 41285 Own H60 - Y Y No
19 Evan Duffield 2E0TJU W+DARS GBR 418901 Hire H21 -
20 Jim Smith G4DZL LADARC GBR 220348 Own H60 - ? ? No
21 Andrew Soltysik G4KWQ Ind GBR 886757 Own H40 Y Y Y No
22 Lucien Vidal F4DKA Ind FRA 40615 Own H50 Y Y Y No
23 Brigitte Roethe
DARC GER 236449 Own D50 Y Y Y No
24 Nick Roethe DF1FO DARC GET 236458 Own H50 Y Y Y No
25 Peter Dekany tbc R-Inter HUN tbc Own H50 Y Y Y No
26 Tim Raven G4ARI DMUARS GBR tbc Hire H50 - - Y No
27 Tom Mitchell GM0JHF AARG GBR 221946 Own H60
Y Y Y No
28 Stuart Tyler G1ZAR LADARC GBR tbc
- Y -
29 Frank Heritage GM0AEU HBARAC ENG tbc
- Y -
Change from 20th May AM: Added Frank Heritage
Change from 19th May AM: Added Stuart Tyler & work committments mean Evan cannot attend
Change from 18th May: Class and SI added for competitors 10 and 11
Change from 15th May: Added Andrew Soltysik SI Chip number
Change from 6th May: John Marriott is no longer running the fox-O on Friday

Final Details for Day 1 (Version 2.0) and Days 2/3 (Version 2.0)

Final details for day 1 are here.

Changes are: maps now issued at -1 minutes.
Control cards are waterproof.
Registration ends at 17:30.
Example Tx will run from 16:00 to 17:00 only.

Final details for days 2 and 3 are here..

(added date - 22nd May -for meal)

Text still highlighted in yellow is subject to confirmation...

Start groups for day 2 are here.

Start groups for day 3 are here.

14 May 2010

Status Update - Organiser Released from Factory, Final Details to follow

After 11 days of commissioning in Poland - first nine at 10 hours last two 14 and 16 I have my release permit and am allowed to travel back to UK.

Volcano ash permitting, full details of the the 3 competitions will be uploaded on Saturday 15th


7 May 2010

BARDFC Dinner Venue - White Hart Frimley, Saturday 22nd

The Saturday Evening Meal will be at the White Hart in Frimley. 
 This is located about 10km south-west from the Day 2 event site.

I need to tell the manager roughly how many people will be attending - if you think you will probably wish to join us in the restaurant - please send an email (now!) to the organiser.  The email should give the number in your party. There is no commitment - I just need a rough idea of the numbers

Here is the menu: (click to enlarge)

20 Apr 2010


The RSGB are hosting three days of open ARDF competition in the spring of 2010. There will be 2m, 80m and Super-Sprint Fox-Oring courses.

The recent realigment between the Pound and the Euro makes this a most attractive opportunity for a short visit to Great Britain.

In addition the 6th British ARDF Championships will be contested.

The events will be located in Berkshire and Surrey. 20 miles from London Heathrow Airport

We are taking expressions of interest and even entries. Please register your interest now by emailing the organiser on...

To enter please send:

Given Name, Family Name, Callsign, Club/Association, Country, SI Chip Number or "hire" if you wish to borrow a chip for the event, class entered and days entered. If you wish to borrow receivers - either 2m or 80m - please let us know now - we have a limited number of each. Entry fees will be collected on the morning of the competition.

The Competitions

Please note: There may be changes following site visits and signal propagation/radio interference checks

Day 1 - Friday 21st May - Super Sprint Fox-Oring on 80m

Location will be Frimley Lodge Park

Note that whilst the Google link shows a LOT of forest - we only have access to the small area of country park.

The sprint will take place in the afternoon and early evening. The format will be a variant of fox-oring. This will be a relaxed, informal competiion. Expected winning times will be about 30 minutes.

The Fox-Oring will be GB style - on the 80m band with each transmitter transmitting for part only of a 60 second cycle.

Also - the miniature railway may be running...

Day 2 - Saturday 22nd May - Classic Style ARDF on the 2m band

Location will be Star Posts near Bracknell

Terrain is gently undulating, mostly runnable coniferous plantation with a good path network.

Day 3 - Sunday 23rd May - Classic Style ARDF on the 80m band

Star Posts (as above)

The Location

The competition areas are all within 50km of Central London in the leafy and green Surrey Heathlands. The day 1 area is 15km from days 2 and 3. There are a great many tourist attractions within easy reach.


By road Frimley is 35km from London Heathrow (LHR), 65 km from Gatwick (LGW), 130 km from Stansted (STN) and 80 km from Luton (LTN)

It is possible to get to the venues by public transport - a bit of walking will be necessary. Use the UK Transport Planner to check out possibilities.

As is standard practice in the UK competitors will be responsible for their own transport

Given prior notice we may be able to organise transport to and from the competition forests to local hotels or rail/bus stations. This is not guaranteed. Please contact the organiser to discuss well in advance of the event.


As is standard GB practice competitors will be responsible for their own accomodation arrangements.

There are plenty of hotels! Chains such as PREMIER INN, TRAVELODGE offer good deals if you book early.
We suggest you visit Google Maps and enter "hotels frimley" or "hotels camberley".

You will also find caravan and camping sites close by.

Entry Fees

Entries are now open!

The entry fee will be GBP (£) 4, 8, 8 per person for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 Respectively .

Entry fees will be payable, in Cash (GBP) and in full upon arrival.

To enter please send:

Given Name, Family Name, Callsign, Club/Association, Country, SI Chip Number or "hire" if you wish to borrow a chip for the event, class entered and days entered. If you wish to borrow receivers - either 2m or 80m - please let us know now - we have a limited number of each.

(Information For Overseas Competitors)

'Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo'*

Surrey is a low lying county - so you will not be running on exposed hills or moorland.

The weather in May can vary between 25 degrees, dead calm and sun (hooray!) and 6 degrees, rain, sleet, hail and gale force winds (boo!). Normally it is warm and sunny but please come prepared! If the weather is really bad the organisers may require competitors to carry a waterproof raincoat (aka cagoule)

*'Don't leave off you coat till May 40th'

Celebration Meal & Prizegiving

We hope to meet in a local restaurant on the Saturday night. Please note will be a meal and prizegiving - not a hamfest - no need to dress up!

The Small Print

In the case of cancellation or curtailment of the competition the organisers accept no liability for competitors personal committed or incurred costs. We reserve the right to retain all or part of any entry fee or other monies paid to cover organisers costs, in the case where these costs cannot be recovered.


The organiser can be contacted by email using...

Please send an email - to enter, register your interest and to ask any questions that you may have.