24 May 2010



Results will be here

If you have photos - we want them for RADCOM - please upload and send a link to the organiser

20 May 2010

Entry List as of 20th May

Entry Given Family Call Club Country SI Chip Class ARDF Receiver
No. Name Name

Chip # Source Entered D1 D2 D3 Loan
1 Jillian Ullersperger M6JIL BKO GBR 345545 Own D35 Y Y Y No
2 David Williams M3WDD HOC GBR 264271 Own H40 Y Y - No
3 Bob Titterington G3ORY LEI GBR 260413 Own H60 Y - Y No
4 Robert Vickers G3ORI HOC MER 50138 Own H60 Y Y Y No
5 Michael Dunbar M6MDD SN GBR 264976 Own H40 - Y Y No
6 Bernd Höfner DL1AQ DARC GER 410477 Own H50 Y Y Y No
7 Sylke Höfner DG4AAN DARC GER 410486 Own D35 Y Y Y No
8 Wolf-Dietrich Barth DK7TD DARC GER 236383 Own H40 Y Y Y No
9 Anke Ebert DL9OCA DARC GER 236413 Own D35 Y Y Y No
10 Alexander Hergert - DARC GER 410487 Own H21 Y Y Y No
11 Norbert Linke - DARC GER 830320 Own H21 Y Y Y No
12 Steve Stone RS193217 TVOC GBR 246880 Own H50 Y Y Y No
13 Rod Mansel G6AWO SUFFOC GBR 363583 Own H50 Y Y Y No
14 David Heale G6HGE HH GBR 361526 Own H40 Y Y Y No
15 David Deane G3ZOI BKO GBR 361597 Own H60 Y Y Y No
16 John Little M1SHE
GBR 332000 Own H60 Y - Y No
17 Ken Jones M0AET
GBR 426543 Own H60 Y Y Y No
18 John Marriott 119861 LEI GBR 41285 Own H60 - Y Y No
19 Evan Duffield 2E0TJU W+DARS GBR 418901 Hire H21 -
20 Jim Smith G4DZL LADARC GBR 220348 Own H60 - ? ? No
21 Andrew Soltysik G4KWQ Ind GBR 886757 Own H40 Y Y Y No
22 Lucien Vidal F4DKA Ind FRA 40615 Own H50 Y Y Y No
23 Brigitte Roethe
DARC GER 236449 Own D50 Y Y Y No
24 Nick Roethe DF1FO DARC GET 236458 Own H50 Y Y Y No
25 Peter Dekany tbc R-Inter HUN tbc Own H50 Y Y Y No
26 Tim Raven G4ARI DMUARS GBR tbc Hire H50 - - Y No
27 Tom Mitchell GM0JHF AARG GBR 221946 Own H60
Y Y Y No
28 Stuart Tyler G1ZAR LADARC GBR tbc
- Y -
29 Frank Heritage GM0AEU HBARAC ENG tbc
- Y -
Change from 20th May AM: Added Frank Heritage
Change from 19th May AM: Added Stuart Tyler & work committments mean Evan cannot attend
Change from 18th May: Class and SI added for competitors 10 and 11
Change from 15th May: Added Andrew Soltysik SI Chip number
Change from 6th May: John Marriott is no longer running the fox-O on Friday

Final Details for Day 1 (Version 2.0) and Days 2/3 (Version 2.0)

Final details for day 1 are here.

Changes are: maps now issued at -1 minutes.
Control cards are waterproof.
Registration ends at 17:30.
Example Tx will run from 16:00 to 17:00 only.

Final details for days 2 and 3 are here..

(added date - 22nd May -for meal)

Text still highlighted in yellow is subject to confirmation...

Start groups for day 2 are here.

Start groups for day 3 are here.

14 May 2010

Status Update - Organiser Released from Factory, Final Details to follow

After 11 days of commissioning in Poland - first nine at 10 hours last two 14 and 16 I have my release permit and am allowed to travel back to UK.

Volcano ash permitting, full details of the the 3 competitions will be uploaded on Saturday 15th


7 May 2010

BARDFC Dinner Venue - White Hart Frimley, Saturday 22nd

The Saturday Evening Meal will be at the White Hart in Frimley. 
 This is located about 10km south-west from the Day 2 event site.

I need to tell the manager roughly how many people will be attending - if you think you will probably wish to join us in the restaurant - please send an email (now!) to the organiser.  The email should give the number in your party. There is no commitment - I just need a rough idea of the numbers

Here is the menu: (click to enlarge)